Torrefazione Monforte Srl was founded in 1999 with the aim of creating blends of espresso coffee with unmistakable taste and aroma.

Our company is one of the most innovative roasting companies in Europe from a technological and environmental point of view and works in compliance with international ethical codes to support plantation, ecosystem and biodiversity growers worldwide.

We create the finest Caffè Monforte blends in a certified plant located in the heart of Italy, in Molise, in an area without pollution, rich in green forests and dry climate, highly significant factors in the transformation of green coffee from controlled plantations in the center America, Africa and India.

We use the latest generation roasting machines that guarantee a perfectly controlled roasting process with reduced environmental impact; in fact, thanks to the second filtering carried out by an external cyclone, we significantly reduce the amount of polluting powders released into the air.

Our 6 packaging systems, on the other hand, allow us to meet the multiple demands of the world market and thus offer packs of different formats able to keep intact the organoleptic characteristics of the coffee bean mixtures, ground coffee or wafer that we produce.


The Torrefazione Monforte raw materials warehouse is stocked with 26 different Arabica and Robusta coffee origins, coming from strictly selected plantations in Central America, Africa and Asia, thanks to which we can satisfy the finest palates of coffee lovers from all over the world. world creating ad-hoc blends with unmistakable characteristics.

Our roasting machines incorporate the latest generation of technology able to ensure a perfectly controlled roasting process, to reduce emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere, thanks to the double filtering of the fumes produced by the roasting, and to save energy thanks to the reuse of filtered hot air to keep the temperature inside the drum constant.

In addition, they are equipped with two cyclonic hoppers: the first collects the volatile particles contained in the hot air coming from the roasting chamber and then re-introduces the filtered hot air into the drum, thus saving energy during the heating phase. ; the second one, on the other hand, sucks the powder produced during the cooling of the roasted beans and collects the finer and lighter volatile particles, avoiding that these pollutants rise up the chimney and are introduced into the external environment.

To ensure high quality standards, our production process involves three different steps of selecting foreign bodies:

the first one is carried out at the beginning of the production process by the operator who eliminates the foreign bodies from the green coffee, while loading it in the silos for storing the raw materials;

the second selection is carried out by the same roasting machine during toasting through the magnets which retain any metal bodies present in the green coffee;

the third selection occurs at the end of the roasting process and before packaging, when the roasted coffee is passed to the sieve of an optical sorter to separate the unsuitable color grains, and any other foreign bodies of specific weight similar to the roasted grains still eliminated.


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